Feelings Tracks

  1. Bring The Wine

  2. One Man Woman/One Woman Man

  3. Something About You

  4. (You're) Having My Baby

  5. Let Me Get to Know You

  6. Love Is a Lonely Song

  7. How Can Anything Be Beautiful (After You)

  8. I Gave a Little and Lost a Lot

  9. Papa

  10. It Doesn't Matter Anymore

  11. Anytime (I'll Be There)

  12. I Don't Like to Sleep Alone

  13. Out of My Mind in Love

  14. It's So Sad to See the Old Hometown Again

  15. (I Believe) There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love

  16. Wake Up

  17. Today, I Became a Fool

  18. Girl, You Turn Me On

  19. Walk Away

  20. Water Runs Deep

  21. Times of Your Life

  22. Happier