Cardi B Crushes Silhouette Challenge

Cardi B says it's hard to do TikToks, but she appears to be right in her element joining the latest craze -- the Silhouette Challenge.

The rapper shared her entry late Wednesday night, which starts with her walking into frame wearing a kimono with her hair in curls ... and revealing a stripper pole in the background.

As those who are familiar with the challenge know -- as a mash-up of Paul Anka's "Put Your Head On My Shoulder" and Doja Cat's "Street" plays ... the beat drops, screen goes red and it's sexy silhouette time.

Cardi, of course, was a stripper before she was famous, so even though she claims this challenge was challenging ... she nailed it.

Word of warning if you're partaking in this challenge -- apparently, some creeps online have figured out a way to remove the red filter to see what the silhouette performers are wearing, or not wearing.