Paul Anka traces the story of 'My Way' from dinner with Frank Sinatra to caviar with Putin

Paul Anka knows he's not the only singer out there doing songs made popular by Frank Sinatra.

But he also knows those other singers can't say they once sat at a typewriter until 5 a.m. carefully crafting the lyrics to "My Way," doing all they could to make it sound like words Ol' Blue Eyes may have used in casual conversation.

"I'm not up there just doing a bunch of tunes from someone I don't know," he says of Anka Sings Sinatra, a show he brings to Arizona MusicFest on Monday, March 14, and Wednesday, March 16.

Which also sounds like words Sinatra may have used in casual conversation.

"The association, obviously, with Sinatra goes back to the late '50s, early '60s when I started working with him indigenous to what Las Vegas was about back then," Anka says. 

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